PUBG Mobile KR v1.6.0 APK [Unlimited UC,Aimbot,OBB] – Updated 2021

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Beyond Battle Royale
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October 28, 2021
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You might already familiar with the pubg game which is one of the leading battleground games. With the technology advancement, battleground games have become a new trend in the industry and numberless similar ones are on the board. Out of all the battleground games only few will get succeeded to be on the top list. We are going to share something new yet demanding for all the gaming lovers out there. So, stay tuned till the end of this post to get what you needed the most.

What Is Pubg Mobile Kr Update 2021?

Same like the original version of pubg, pubg kr version apk has the same gameplay but with the few variations that are getting hype among the other games. Furthermore, more worlds and numberless characters are being added in the pubg mobile korean version to make it addictive. The graphics and sound effects are entirely fun but for more details, you need to check out the leading features of pubg korean version. You might think that why you pubg kr update has invaded in the market while original pubg was already grabbing the attention from the players. Well, initial, Korean and Japanese governments ban the original pubg because there were numberless data breaching issues were taking place.

This was the only reason for the development of pubg mobile kr version download with obb file.

Features Of Pubg Korean Apk:

The given below features would be more fun when you will check out their realistic deployment while playing the game.

  • To touch the greatness of addictive gameplay, pubg kr new update 2021 has some better than ever gaming controls that will work for you aesthetically. No matter you are playing pubg mobile korean version apk on mobile or tablet, but to get maximum out of it you can use the gaming controls as well. Apart from this, pubg kr version will let you use custom controls also in case you are playing to get the exposure over the bigger screen of your windows pc.
  • You wouldn’t have to get into a random world because pubg kr obb file download will let you select a wide range of the different locations with the famous landmarks. Not only this but also, each one of those locations will have further chapters to unfold.
  • In the normal game, you have to deal with the different foes from human kind but pubg kr version download apk and file is drastically different because non-human creature such as kangkong, Godzilla kong and many others are going to give you tough time.
  • As compared the initial state of this game, pubg korea download is not only lightweight but it will easily get started without taking much time.
  • pubg mobile kr version apk download is light weight but the graphics are as fun as you can imagine and more than enough to make you confused that either you are in real world or in virtual one.
  • The major languages supported by pubg korean version download is, korean and Japanese but if you are reaching it out from any other region then you can switch to other languages as well.
  • Now you don’t have to customized a basic character over and over because pubg kr update 2021 will serve you with the new head to toe characters to give you entirely different vibes. So, are you ready to achieve a gangster like look or a modern lady killer?
  • You can switch to the both single player mode or can directly go for the team death matches in pubg kr version apk download. Furthermore, attaining your gaming partners from gaming lobby or asking your real time friends or family to join you in fun matches is all depends on you.
  • While running for life in korean pubg will let you attain numberless resources and much more which you are required for the survival.
  • To grab maximum UC, you have to download kr pubg but along with, you have to take part in the different events that are must to fall for so you can earn unlimited resources.
  • Gaming lobby is not only vast enough to give you endless competitors and in case you are playing so well, then you can be on the top of the list than the others.
  • A wide range of destructive weapons are going to take action against your foes amazingly so single shot in pubg korean version apk and obb download is all set for deadly experience.

How To Play Pubg Korean Version Apk?

There are different ways to play pubg korea but in case you are out of korea but wanted to play it then you must have to connect with the VPN to get connected with the korean servers. Other than that, everything is as basic as in any other battle ground game.

How To Download Pubg Mobile kr?

To download this amazingly designed game, you just have to choose your device type and then have to follow the given downloading steps. TADAAA… you are good to go.


  • Endless maps
  • Different stories
  • Non-human foes
  • Endless resources
  • Unlimited UC
  • Ads free
  • Multiple events


  • Nothing to worry about.


pubg mobile kr update 2021 apk is a fun world in itself with the amazingly designed graphics and sound effects. Don’t forget to check out the endless range of the different worlds and try to deal with the non-human competitors to show your skills. The downloadable file is fully scanned to make it virus free so feel free to grab it but make sure you turn on the Vpn to get connected with korean servers to get maximum out of it. For more details or information, feel free to let us know about your queries via given below comment section.



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